Siri not working – troubleshooting

Several users have reported that Siri software does not always work.

How to fix Siri problems

If you are having problems with Siri, you may try the following steps to resolve your issue:

  1. Make sure that that your iPhone 4S is connected to the Internet
  2. Make sure that Siri is enabled (Settings > General > Siri)
  3. Make sure that Siri is set to the correct language (Settings > General > Siri > Language)
  4. Some of the Siri features require you to use Location Services. You may want to turn on Location Services (Settings > Location Services)
  5. Disable Siri (tap Settings->General>Siri), then turn your iPhone off and on and re-enable Siri again
  6. If the above steps do not work, try reseting all settings on your iPhone. To do that tap, Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings. Note that this will remove all settings and preferences. But your data (apps, songs etc) will not be deleted.


  1. K Richards says

    Siri is not working on my phone. Has been unable to answer
    any questions for the past two days. I tried all of the troubleshooting
    suggestions and it didn’t help.

  2. AmstonLynn says

    My Siri just stopped working, and my voice texting would also not work…I tried the above and had to “Reset All Settings” which seems to have fixed the problem… but had to set up the whole iphone again which is kind of a pain. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again!

  3. Fred says

    My phone just days old when Siri died. The microphone blinks as I talk indicating that the phone recognizes the microphone, but Siri says things like, “I don’t understand what you said,” or “Uh Oh. We have a problem.” or “Sorry, I didn’t get that.” I went through the process of disabling then re-enabling Siri and that worked for ONE use then she died again. I disabled and re-enabled again with no success the second time. Then I wiped out ALL my settings as suggested in step #6 and STILL no Siri. Angry with my $600 phone that is only days old.

    • says

      Turn face time on that’s what fixed it for me I went through site after site after site and finally found that face time being turned on or off could be the problem make sure FaceTime’s turned off

  4. Sandra says

    I’ve had my iPhone 4S for a week now and Siri has NEVER worked. Makes me miss my Droid … at least EVERYTHING on it worked (for over 2yrs)

  5. Cole Beaver says

    I have my iPad mini which is out of the case of the iPhone but I’d like someone that knows how to fix it but I don’t so if anyone could text me at and send me address,city,name,etc please, and if that doesn’t work then could someone tell me how to do it thanx

  6. Sergei says

    I also had a problem with Siri on my iPhone5 as described above. Resetting all settings fixed it . Settings/ general/ reset

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