App Store not working: Blank Screen

Several users have reported an inability to access the App Store, meaning that when the buttons Purchased, Search, Categories, or Charts are tapped, users are shown blank pages and nothing loads when they want to use the App Store on an iPad or iPhone. Several people also reported that this problem started after they updated to iOS 6.

How to Fix

Please try each step until you resolve your issue:

  • Tap Settings > General > Date and Time > Set Automatically > Off. Set the date one year ahead. Then try to access the App Store.
  • It may be a connection issue. Try changing your DNS settings to Google’s open DNS by tapping Settings > Wi-Fi >, tap the blue arrow next to your current Wi-Fi network, and then tap the “DNS” field and enter the DNS servers; (Google’s Public DNS). (see this article)
  • Close the App Store completely by pressing the home button twice, pressing and hold the App Store icon until it starts to wiggle, then tapping the minus sign to close it. Re-launch the App Store.
  • Restart your device by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button until “Slide to Power off” appears.
  • Launch the App Store; if it is still blank with nothing shown, wait a few minutes. Sometimes apps may load slowly because of networking issues.
  • If still nothing appears, try changing the device’s language by tapping Settings > General > International > Language. Pick a language. Pick any other second language you already know or be familiar with. If you don’t, do not forget to navigate back in a different language. Change the language, launch the App Store, then change the language back to what it was originally.
  • Sign out of your Apple ID by tapping Settings > iTunes & App Store, tap your Apple ID and select “Sign Out”. Wait one minute and sign back in by reentering your Apple ID and password.Apps gone disappeared



  1. Felix says

    I have a new iPad upgraded to iOS 6. A few days ago the App Store started went blank. I set the date one year forward, and the App Store came back. I reset the date to the current date, and the App Store is still working. Thanks for the help.

  2. Lou says

    Tried all steps & still not working. I was accessing the app store with no issues earlier this week. I have the ipad2, loaded iOS 6 update back in September & had no issues with the app store until today. When I open the app store, it shows genius results, purchased apps & updates, but only shows a blank screen under ‘Featured’ & ‘Charts’. I have no ability to purchase any new apps now. I am so frustrated!! Any other ideas?

  3. Robert says

    I have blank white screens on featured and charts and I cannot install apps. I contacted AppleCare but they were no help. I hope this issue clears up!!

  4. Jack says

    Same problem here. Tried everything: changing date/time, setting diff. language, soft reboot, hard reboot, close and relaunch, sign-off and sign-in.
    It still shows blank screen for featured and chart tabs.

    What is going on? is it server issue?

  5. Ron says

    Nothing works, what i see is that the language of itunes and the app store doesn’t change when i change the language of the ipad3.

  6. Jane says

    Tried to download free apps but asks me extra security questions the screen goes white when I touch to Answer, any suggestions ?

  7. Jack says

    When I tried my iPad this morning, App Store worked just fine.
    I believe there is nothing wrong with the device itself.
    It could be simply server issue.

  8. Vyom says

    Tried all tips except google DNS one. For date and language change – I started getting an error ‘cannot connect to iTunes store’. Now I get this error for charts, gt blank screen for featured and search.. But all others tabs work such as genius and purchased.

    This just started happening yesterday.

    Any more thoughts would be appreciated!

  9. Maggie says

    This just started happening to me yesterday. I tried all of the tricks and I’m still getting a blank screen. Frustrating to say the least.

  10. guitetteolf says

    None of the above worked for me however I went to settings-> messages and turned iMessages on and that fixed the App Store for me. If you already have iMessages on I would try toggling it

  11. Vyom says

    Mine fixed itself this morning. I sent a note to Apple Support but I doubt they did anything on their end. The App Store was back by itself when I woke up.

  12. Marty says

    The hard log out (double click and close) worked for me – I closed everything off and freed up some space – worked straight away

  13. says

    After the iOS 6 update,you many have found that your iPhone has problems connecting to the App Store. Some may have had trouble updating apps, while others are unable to view Passbook apps when connecting from the Passbook application.

    I’ve spotted a solution on how to get around the issue:

    Go to Settings>General>Date and Time>Set Automatically>Off. . Try to [update the apps again or press the button from Passbook]. If that fails, Set the date one year ahead and see if that helps you for now :)

  14. Siscu says

    I finally installed again io6 and the problem was fixed. This took me time and losing configuration (thanks to Dropbox I did not lose pictures…).
    Though this was over and today I faced AGAIN the same problem!!!
    No way: apple starts having Microsoft behaviour!!!
    I came from Nokia when they start going to Microsoft. Next time I will shift to android…

    • Siscu says

      Nice issue: it is solved again without doing anything else.
      Look like a temporary conflict between the device and iTunes/App Store servers…

  15. Light says

    Your a life saver this solved my problem I was messing with Ifile on a jailbroken ipad an I changed the systemversion.plist I couldn’t figure out what I did. And logging in and out then changing the language solved it for me. Thank you so much!

  16. Abed says

    Guys be patient! I’ve also experienced your problems. Try doing each suggested solutions above and just wait. I tried changing date and reboot, waited about 10-12 minutes then its OK. The App Store now loads.

  17. Joyce says

    Hello I just finished fixing my iPhone4s White Screen because it was shattered.

    After I fixed I had to charge it because it was flat after 30mins of charging I went to turn on the phone

    I didn’t see anything come up my sceen is completely blank I can here the volume when I turn it on or

    Off but the screen is completely blank can you please help me.

    Thank you


  18. Harshal says


    I tried all steps ever reset all the settings still it’s not working… Please suggest me how to tackle this… Requesting reply on this… Thanks

  19. Lu says

    Well I tried it all and nothing. Very frustrating. Haven’t been able to launch app store for months and months. Any more ideas?

  20. Erin says

    Thanks so much! Setting the year one year ahead made the app store not open at all, but when I then changed the year back to normal, everything worked.

  21. says

    None of these solutions work, I only have a blank screen on updates. It still comes up wih the number of updates I need (5) in red
    Please help??

    • Roy says

      hei same problem here…updated last night to ios 6.1…then its happening now…did you using latest version ios or just happening…….

  22. says

    I have tried every possible way also but still the update portion on my App Store appears blank.. I need to update 15 apps but every time I open the update portion it doesn’t load at all.. It always appears blank/white.. Can anyone help me… Pleeeeaaaaseee!!!!!

  23. Hunter says

    I have an iPod touch 4th generation and I cannot open the updates but everything else works. I have tried these tips and nothing works. I hate seeing the notification on it but cannot update any app to get rid of it. Please help.

  24. Craig says

    App updates show after changing language to French but stopped working again when I reverted back to English. Odd. Looks like I will have to start speaking French!

  25. PA says

    I have tried a few of these but my Updates screen is still white (even though the icon shows there are 3 updates ready). The icon seems to update. Clearly Apple can’t find their 6utts with both hands if they can’t give a definitive fix for this.

    Starting to look like an android may be in my future…….

  26. Tensy says

    None of these solutions worked for me, I still have blank screen on updates. I have updated the apps one by one searching them manually but it is very tedius!! any idea??? please…

    • Anne says

      I tried all these things too and nothing worked. Finally tried settings>general>reset>reset network settings and that fixed it immediately. Doesn’t seem to have affected anything in the way of service or anything either so I would recommend trying this. Hope it helps!!!

  27. Tara says

    I’m ready to throw this phone. I have tried everything that has been suggested and nothing has worked. Going to the apple store tomorrow .

  28. Jeremy says

    Thanks for the tips.

    I’m using iOS 6.1.2 on the iPhone 5. I was facing the perpetually blank “Updates” screen too, even though it showed two updates pending.

    The year-change tip seemed to work–or else it was a huge coincidence.
    • I set the year to 2014
    • Tried to open the App Store, which failed to open
    • I set the Date & Time back to Set Automatically
    • Opened the app store again, and my updates were now visible.

    Not sure if the fix is repeatable in my case…I guess I’ll see if the blank screen comes up again.

  29. edan i says

    SOLVED ! (at least for me, on iPhone 4 v.6)

    Settings -> iTunes & App Stores -> Apple ID: -> View Apple ID -> Country/Region -> Change Country or Region -> Next -> Agree -> (click Next and whatever is needed to finish the process. no need to change the settings themselves.)

    i think it re-registers the device with the local app store and in doing so solving our problem.

  30. Natasha Minnick says

    This has been going on for a week! I have 4 apps that I can not update because the updates section is blank!! Please help, I’ve tried it all!!!

  31. Kim Cranston says

    My update screen on my iphone is also blank. Even though it says there are three updates pending. Have tried all the above suggestions but still not working. Very annoying!

  32. Deric says

    “Tap Settings > General > Date and Time > Set Automatically > Off. Set the date one year ahead. Then try to access the App Store.”
    i tried this one and its works for me. i just set the Date and Time to Off. but i dont set the year one ahead, then i try to access the app store, and pop i see the update. try it.

  33. Ko says

    it worked,
    it was great
    i tries the one
    dont know what the problem was though

    thanks again

  34. Hawar says

    thanks for your useful explanation. I have been tried almost everything, finally changing DSN was useful.

  35. Ray says

    The DNS to works for me. Is there any problem leaving the DNS that way or do I need to change it back to its original numbers?


  36. Abhi says

    This is really helpful.
    I just followed 1st part,restarted my iphone and it rest my network worked…hurray…..Awesome..luv to xplore ..but Apple should take care of these bugs.
    Anyway Thanks for the online help.
    Thanks a lot. :) :)

  37. James says

    Sorted! Change date by one year, force App Store to close (home button, minus), try to open App Store again…if that doesn’t work, reset date, and close App Store again, then re-open. Tried everything else and this worked for me!

  38. says

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  39. Ben Koopmann says

    I got it to work. Do everything that they said to do at the same time. Change these things in this order. Change the wifi DNS, change the date one year ahead, log out. turn the iPad off and back on. change the year to the correct day and login again. Hope it works.

  40. HatsuneMIku says

    Ugh I was really hoping to download an app which I need for a project I’m doing.. .None worked. Last time I called Apple they didn’t help for my broken on button… Now I have to use assistive touch and my computer to turn it on…
    Apple Store is completely white on every section. It’s been occuring for at least a week.

    This really sucks. I guess if I have to buy another device, it’ll have to be a brand like Asus. I’m not going through Apple again.

    Owns Apple iPod 4th generation.

  41. Chuks says

    I tried the third option, that is, “Close the App Store completely…” and it worked for me. Thanks.

  42. Gregg says

    None of the solutions worked for me until I reset all settings. Settings-General-Reset-Reset All Settings

  43. Grrrr says

    I’ve tried all the tips and it still doesn’t work! It’s really frustrating. Hope yall can fix it or is there any other tips?

    • Sam Ali says

      Try going into WiFi, and then change your DNS to which is the google DNS. Worked for me. Once you’ve changed it, close the app store app by double tapping your home button and then reopen it. Worked for me when all other ways/options failed.

  44. User says

    Hello Everyone,

    I was in the same boat as people here who said NOTHING worked for them. I was getting really frustrated. I finally tried the the suggestions of changing date, language, etc. I am not sure but after about the fourth or fifth time, it worked. keep in mind, I did restart my device after each change of couple of changes.

    Initially, I tried each suggestion step by step, but it didn’t work. I guess it takes a couple of tries…

    Hope this helps… and this is absolutely unacceptable, as someone mentioned, this is not a toy, these devices cost hundreds of dollars… Apple needs to do something about this…

  45. Zulqar Nain says

    thanks budd, changing the DNS to worked for me. app store was like “cannot connect to istore” before.

  46. Rima Bonario says

    This just worked for me…

    I went to settings>general>restrictions (entered pin code) then turned off installing apps.
    (you may not have your restrictions enabled – so that would be another possible step first)
    I then exited settings and saw that the App store icon was gone.
    Then returned to settings>general>restrictions (entered in code) then turned on installing apps.
    I then exited settings, tapped the restored App Store icon and it was working again.

    To be sure I got off my home wifi first but I doubt this had an impact.
    I also updated my credit card info (had an expired credit card). I wonder if that affected it.

  47. Justgivener says

    Spent a lot of money on my iMac and would like to purchase some apps. But I can’t as the app screen goes blank. It’s frustrating to contemplate some of the apparent solutions presented here. Time to go back to Windows I guess.

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