iPad Air charging “very slowly” or “not charging”, fix

Several users have reported a problem that their iPad Airs show a message “Not Charging”. Users have further reported that they can not  fully charge their iPads after leaving the device plugged in overnight. If you are having problems charging your iPad (e.g., your iPad Air is charging slowly), here is what you can do to fix this problem:

  • Please use the original iOS/iPad charger that came with the device to charge. Charge your iPad using a wall charger. Note that most USB ports do not supply enough power to charge the iPad Air. If you also own an iPhone, do not use the iPhone adapter as the iPads are not designed to be charged from an iPhone power adapter.  The iPad requires a higher current for optimum charging.
  • Your issue may be a software problem. Reset your iPad by simultaneously pressing and holding the Home and Sleep/Wake (on/off) buttons until you see the Apple Logo. Also you may want to reset your settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset All Settings. Note that this option deletes all of your preference settings but it will not erase any of your data (e.g. apps,photos, videos, music etc).
  • Note that your iPad will charge faster if :
    • a. you reduce the brightness of your the screen
    • b. you turn your device off
    • c. you do not use the device when charging

Are you having problems charging the iPad Air despite being plugged directly into the wall outlet ? Make sure that you do not have a problem with the cable, power outlet or the adapter. If you are still having problems after trying everything above, contact Apple Support.


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