iPad troubleshooting, How to fix your iPad problems

Are you having problems with your iPad?  We compiled a list of common symptoms and basic troubleshooting tips. These tips are suitable for both iPad 1 and iPad 2.

General Tips

  • Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes.
  • Make sure that your iPad software is up to date. To check, first connect your iPad to your computer, select your device in iTunes, and then click “Check for Update” in the Summary section of iTunes. You can also do a software update wirelessly (iOS 5 or later) with your Wi-Fi connection, just tap Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Make sure that your battery is charged.

Symptom: My iPad won’t turn on

  • Turn your iPad off and on. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until a red slider appears; then slide it. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button to turn on again.
  • Reset your iPad. Press the “Sleep/Wake” button and the “Home” button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. This reset will not damage your files.

Symptom:  iPad touchscreen is slow or does not respond

  • It may be that your screen is dirty. Try cleaning your screen. To do this, unplug everything, turn off iPad (see above), then with a very soft, lint-free and slightly damp cloth gently wipe the screen. Do NOT use window cleaners and paper towels.
  • If you have any screen protector sheet, try removing it.

Symptom: iPad does not show in iTunes when it is connected.

  • Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes.
  • iPad requires USB 2.0 to function properly. Unplug your iPad from your computer, and plug it into a different USB port that is built into the computer.
  • Turn your iPad off and on
  • Disconnect your iPad from your computer, then turn your computer off and on and re-connect.
  • Especially for Windows users, if the above steps do not resolve your issue, completely uninstall iTunes and then reinstall the latest version of iTunes.

Symptom: Wi-Fi connection on iPad does not work

  • Turn Wi-Fi off and then on by tapping Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi router and modem is on
  • Update your Wi-Fi software to the latest version.
  • Turn your iPad off and on by holding the On/Off button until “slide to power off” shows.
  • Turn your Wi-Fi router off and on
  • Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and reset your network settings

Symptom: I am having problems with an app on my iPad

  • Update your iPad to the latest iOS version.
  • Check to see if there is an update for your app, if there is, update (App Store > Updates)
  • If you are having problems with a single app (e.g. closing unexpectedly), try restarting the application. To do this, double-tap the Home button, a task bar will appear showing your recent apps. Tap and hold the app until the icons begin to shimmer. A red minus will appear, then simply tap the red minus for any app you want to close. Then press the home button and restart the app.
  • Turn your iPad off and on.
  • Remove and reinstall the app. You may want to back up before removing any app. Tap and hold on the app icon until the icons start to wiggle. Simply tap the “x” button to delete an app. After deleting the app, go to the App Store and reinstall it.

Symptom: My iPad is not charging or is slow to charge

  • In order to charge your iPad you can try either connecting your iPad to a power outlet or connecting to a USB 2.0 port. However, note that, computers generally don’t supply enough power to their USB ports to be able to charge an iPad. When this happens, a  “Not Charging” message will appear.


  1. Tony says

    I want to speed up youttube with out going to lq I like hq and I already tried changing the dns numbers that didnt work.

        • Elyssa says

          Tap on Settings. (grey gear icon). Tap on General. Scroll down to, USE SIDE SWITCH TO: be sure there is a check mark next to Mute and no check mark by Lock Rotation.

          If you are trying to lock the screen rotation do the opposite.

          In my experience, some apps will only work in the vertical screen position. Must be built into the app. In this case the screen will not rotate when you turn your iPad or iPhone.

  2. Corey says

    Deleted emails keep returning as new, unread messages. Perhaps there is a setting in my iPad 2 that needs tweaked, I have tried several different combinations without any positive results. Help, I need a geekier geek than me.

  3. kinan hakkim says

    I recently bought an iPad. It is a demo piece.Somehow I cannot delete the apps..apps don’t wiggle no matter how long I press them..! Please help.!

  4. kinan hakkim says

    I recently bought an iPad. It is a demo piece.Somehow I cannot delete the apps..apps don’t wiggle no matter how long I press them..!

    • Elyssa says

      Be sure that your screen is clean. Tap and hold with just the tip of your finger on the app you are trying to delete. All apps should start to jiggle and you will see a small x appear in the top left corner of each icon. Tap the x to delete the app. Press the home button once to stop the remaining apps from jiggling.

      The pre-installed apps eg, FaceTime, Camera etc. will jiggle but you will not see the small x as they cannot be deleted this way.

      You can also try connecting your iPad to your Mac/computer. Open iTunes and when the icon for your iPad appears tap it/open it. Access the My iPad Apps icon and tap/open it. You should be able to delete from here.

  5. Steve Couchman says

    My IPad screen returns to the opening desktop screen when I do not want it to. I need to start all over again. Is ther a setting that I need to change?

  6. Brian says

    My new ipad it will not recognize my apple id, so I changed it – successfully- but the ipad rejects the new id, even though it is accepted on Mail, Cloud, etc

  7. EkpoSunday says

    Pls help, My IPad cannot still connect to ITunes stores even after doing all of the above mention steps.

  8. Faiz says

    Hii I have problem with my iPad…it’s keep reboot every 5 minutes..what should I do?? I’ve tried to restore back to normal setting but it’s still the same…please help on my situation…

  9. says

    I get all my emails, but every so often, they just disappear? As well as it I go into the Trash, and click on it they are all there but then just disappear. Can someone help, getting a bit confused don’t know much about these things. Please can you help me? Thank you

    • Ruth Solly says

      Hi yes I am having the same problem with emails suddenly disappearing from my inbox every so often this has only been happening in the past 3 months . I have had my iPad for about 3yrs .if any one can help with this problem I would appreciate it thanks. Ruth

  10. C. Patterson says

    Frequently when I have an application open maybe emailing pictures and suddenly it closes and it goes back to the app page.

    • Eileen says

      This my be due to my problem which is the wifi is kicked of for software update but mine is up to date and it confirms this but does it up to a dozen times a day

  11. Edward says

    Any video I try to play or iTunes song I try to listen to will stop after about 3 seconds. When I press the start arrow it will advance about 1 or 2 seconds. Help!

  12. Lisa says

    In my photo section, the saved pictures that are video no longer have the bar across the bottom that consisted of an arrow to the left, then to the right and the pause or play button. I can’t control the volume of sound anymore either. Please help.

    • Robert Ladner says

      Receive mail OK, but cannot send mail, reply, or forward. This has been going on now for a day, and nobody I talk to has any solutions. Any outgoing mail goes to Outbox.

        • B wiseman says

          I had to reset my mail account with century tel
          If you are using them where it says “optional” it’s not, fill it in.!
          I set up with pop account as Centurytel and Mac can’t do IMAP.
          Centurytel recently reset their software so before you reset your mail account you need to log in to Centurytel.com and then they will ‘recognize ‘your account. Hope this helps

  13. says

    I was backing up info off my iPad to my IMAX .the photos that were on my IMAX started loading to my iPad I stop them ,but now I ca not get the photos to delete off my iPad .

  14. Mike says

    I’m American and live in brasil. My language is set to English in settings but some things are in Portuguese anyway, bu the main problem is I can’t update any apps. The error message is in Portuguese. I’ve set the language and location to brasil and still it won’t update.

  15. says

    I bought an apple I-pad 2 ten months ago. The sound has stopped completely the only way you can hear it is with ear phones. I can’t take it back to Walmart .They have only a 15 day return policy!
    Is there a way for me to fix this by troubleshooting?
    Please help,
    Thank You
    Wanda Jo Dixon

    • Frances Walton says

      My sound has gone on the iPad but I can get sound on YouTube . The closing sound and the sounds on the games has gone. Any ideas? I have checked the basic settings and nothing seems to be wrong. It was allowed to go down to zero charge (my granddaughter!!!!) perhaps that had something to do with it. Anyone have a similar problem?

  16. Dominic says

    I would to know why the Internet is so slow sometime to the point where it tells me I have no connection is it my provider someone told me I might have a faulty modem can that be possible on an I pad. If so how can I check to see if it is slow

  17. Robert says

    Sirs, When I press the CAMERA ICON on the home screen, the. Camera is closed & won’t open as normal. It is “frozen” in that shut position. Could you please advise. Thank you

  18. Barton Skoczen says

    This may not be the best place to ask but, I have been looking for a place to take my Mac for servicing. Does anyone have any info on this apple repair service? They’re right in West Los Angeles, which is not too far from my apartment. It’s called – Mac Repair Los Angeles, 11322 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste B Los Angeles, CA 90025 – (310) 966-9099.

  19. Terry Smith says

    Several documents I created in Notes have disappeared. Any ideas on why and any way to retrieve them?


  20. David Horton says

    Switched my ipad on as usual but when I slid the lock relaese a window came up with a keyboard and a request to enter pass code.Entered what I thought was the pass code but it was not accepted.Tried variations to the pass code I had entered and finally the pad was disabled.Any attempt now to enter a code disables the pad.ANY SOLUTION????

  21. Jim odonnell says

    My iPad air froze up so I restarted it. Now it shows the sign on screen with Time and Swjpe to Open prompt but when I touch any of the prompts a transparent box appears around the prompt but it will not respond to my touch. I’ve tried several restarts with same result. Can anyone help?

  22. Shirley says

    I have the Ipad turned on and the apple in the middle of the screen is still there. I can not close it or open anything?

  23. Judith says

    Just updated my iPad a IOS a couple of days ago. Now all I can get is a graphic of the iTunes logo and the USB iPad connector. I know the iPad is fully charged. I tried plugging the iPad into my laptop. Nothing. I installed iTunes onto my laptop. The graphic on the iPad doesn’t change. Help!

  24. sasi says

    Hai frnds i brought a ipad mini first time net speed was amasing but now very very slow connection wen campare to android plse tell the better idea friends

  25. Nan says

    My iPad drops out when using Internet after about 30 seconds. All other apps and downloads fine… Facebook, msn, ets drop out excessively.

  26. Kailey says

    My mini I pad was charging yesterday and i was reading it and it shut off it simply wont restart and I have held buttons and plugged it in to the computer and charged it over night. Please help me!

  27. Kathy Tapley says

    My iPad screen won’t change from portrait to landscape. Just started doing this a few weeks ago. Can I fix this?

    • Pad says

      Simple fix, swipe your screen up from the bottom.this is your control panel. You should see an circle with an airplane on the left and on the right a circle with a lock. Touch the circle with the lock!

  28. Donna-lee Bool says

    My iPad will not let me comment on posts. I will be chatting on the wall then it won’t let me comment, but I can comment on a different post. Also my screen sometimes will go black when I’m in the middle of something and it will go back to its home page. Please help. I refresh the page, turn the iPad off and still can’t comment on a conversation that I’m in the middle of. Thank you. Donna-lee.

  29. Poppy says

    I want to download apps and games when I do all they say is waiting please help me.only got the iPad couple weeks ago.the latest Apple air 64 gb

  30. James Howard says

    My ipad has turned a vibrant green and everything is pink and green on the screen. I have rebooted and problem continues.

  31. James Howard says

    The screen has turned from black to a vibrant green, when you connect to internet everything is pink. I have shut down the computer and rebooted, problem continues. Any suggestions?

  32. Scott says

    I pad mini has been unplugged for about 2 months so of corse it’s dead. Tried to charge it nothing left it plugged in overnight. Nothing. Tried turning on and u got it nothing. Any ideas other then contacting Apple. So not looking forward to that if I have to. Thanks in advance.

  33. Pam jordan says

    Dropped my IPad and now screen display it won’t flip from horizontal to vertical. Is there anything I can do?

  34. Mary Lou Martinez says

    my ipad has squares around the apps Have to double tap to get into them .or try to open up and and and slide bar to open

  35. says

    My wife has an ipad, and all of a sudden her password does not work,
    we tried to physically reboot, and now it is asking for passcode, which
    she does not have…. if we take it to a Apple store can they help us..?

  36. Daisy says

    My iPad’s sound effect little window stays on the middle of my screen. When I turn the volume up it goes away and then the volume goes down on its own. How do I fix that? Thank you.

  37. says

    My iPad 2 stops in the middle of something and goes back to Safari I can get back to it by hitting safari but it is so frustrating in the middle of something important

  38. says

    I have an ipad2. When I am on safari in the middle of something important I am dropped and have to hit safari again and it to where I left off but then drops me again and again. This started a month ago. Help!

  39. Don karnes says

    My Apple iPad will not allow me to open Facebook. When I try to open a blank screen comes up. What do I need to do to fix?

  40. Priscilla glomski says

    My iPad will not play videos. When I press the arrow all goes black and that little circle thing goes around!

  41. says

    Gherman March 20, 2015 9:43 am

    Dear Erick, I was replacing the cracked screen on my Ipad 2 and after reassembling the Ipad, the screen was red and blurry. I tried you suggestions on tapping the Ipad MANY times and even dropping it. The YouTube videos suggested the same. I also tapped it by the motherboard area and no success. Do I need another motherboard or LCD screen? Can you please help??? I would really appreciate it.

    Sincerely, Gherman Clusan

  42. says

    I have an iPad 1. Three days ago my YouTube app stopped working and gives me
    The following error message: ” Cannot Connect to YouTube”
    I never had to login to YouTube to view and save my favorites. I have over 90 favorites which can not get to anymore. Is there anyway to fix this?

    March 24, 2015

  43. Briee says

    My iPad 2 won’t turn on unless I plug it to iTunes but. I didn’t mean for that to happen what am I suppose to do if I don’t have iTunes

  44. Briee says

    And it’s an iPad two an I was going to get the ios 8.3 but it was taking to long to verify so I shut it off then turned it back on then it said something and shut down real fast and then it turned bck on sayin plug into itunes

  45. Pam B says

    Ipad mini will not charge at all. Tried soft boot hard boot, plugged into the wall with cord a brick that it came with. Check port for lint, used a blow dryer to blow it out anyways. I don’t know what else to do. The other ipad mini will charge with the same cord.

  46. Lanie says

    Hi, I brought an iPad mini a year ago.after 6 months,the touch screen works automatically. I cannot stay on the page that I want.. I brought this back on the store and they changed the program. At first it’s ok but after an hour it goes back on the same problem. I hope somebody can help me to fix this..

  47. Brian perera says

    Keyboard not connected to I-pad. Blue tooth o.k. Recharged keyboard separately. Recently powered off to correct a Face time problem. The present problem is after that.

  48. vern says

    my ipad says “safari could not open because the server stopped responding”. my router is working on all my other devices. my mac 4 desktop works fine. what’s wrong with my ipad?

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